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The presentation of the next expansion confirmed

It’s with a surprise that we have receive this morning a letter from Blizzard confirming, if it was still necessary that the stream of March 11, will present the new Hearthstone expansion.

Passionate Hearthstone players don’t miss the Twitch stream on March 11, 2016 at 7 p.m (CET) | 6 p.m (GMT)| 10 a.m (PST) | 12 p.m (CST) | 1 p.m (EST)!

There are whispers around the Tavern…

Come listen closely and discover the next Hearthstone expansion at a special live-streamed event!


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  1. 6

    oh un gens du ch’nord pas de calais 😀

    It’s cool to see that hearthstone is really frequently updated.

  2. 7

    “Whispers” – that’s another confirmation for Old Gods’ theme.

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